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What is Logdy?

Logdy is web analytics (statistics) service. Logdy is intended to be used by website owners (including bloggers). Logdy collects information about visitors of a website and then shows it to the owner of the website in convenient reports. The collected information allows the website owner to know the audience of the website (personal information is NOT collected).

Logdy is fully web based, which means that there's nothing to be installed on your computer. And this also means that you can access the statistics of your website any time from any place.

How does it work?

You put a small JavaScript code to the pages of their website. This code collects data about visitors and sends it to Logdy. Logdy saves the data in its logs and shows it to you in convenient reports. Logdy uses two types of logs.

First type is Detailed Log. It contains data, which website owners usually need for the current moment. For example, you usually don’t need to know which browsers were used by visitors of your site 3 month ago. You need to know which browsers your visitors use right know. The size of the log depends on your plan.

Second type is Daily Log. It contains numbers of visitors, returning visitors and pageloads of your site for each day since registration date. As this is the history of your website, it has unlimited number of entries, allowing you to view and analyze the growth of your website audience.

Which search engines are supported by Logdy?

Logdy tracks keywords your visitors use to find your website from the following search engines: Google, Yahoo! Search, Live/MSN Search,, AOL, AltaVista,, Lycos, AllTheWeb, Hotbot, Netscape, CNN, Baidu, Looksmart, Gigablast, Najdi, Wirtualna Polska, Onet, Netsprint, Interia, Szukacz,Yam, Mamma, Pchome, MySpace Search, Yandex, Rambler,, Terra, Tiscali,,, 1klik, a9, Abacho, Alexa,,, BBC, Bluewin, Centrum, DMOZ, Dogpile, Eniro, Euroseek, Excite, Fireball, Ihmemaa, ilse, InfoSpace, i-une, ixquick, jyxo, Kvasir, Meta Miner, Ofir,, Seznam,, TDC Online, T-Online, Virgilio/Alice, Voila,, WebCrawler, WebFetch, Zoohoo.

How much does it cost and how do I pay??

Logdy has a FREE version to start with. Please see Prices page for all payment-related information.

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