Introducing Logdy

Analytics service for website owners and bloggers

Logdy is a web analytics service that has just been updated to new version.

Enjoy the new updated Logdy! We have significantly improved our web analytics solution. Logdy has been completely rewritten to meet the needs of modern users: much faster reports with AJAX, clean and informative user interface, new reports and tons of new features.

1. Log size limit is gone and you can filter your reports by date range. Logdy 1.0 had log size limit, which limited the number of visitors it stored for a user's website. New Logdy 2.0 now stores data for a number of days (depends on the plan), so that you are now able to filter your reports by 24 last hours, today, yesterday, last two days etc. As always, your daily summary is stored without any limitations.

2. AJAX reports and significant speed improvements. The new Logdy 2.0 builds reports faster than ever before. This is not only because it uses cool AJAX technology and advanced JavaScripts. But it is also because of a large number of internal improvements and improved server infrastructure.

3. Drill down most important reports between each other. Now with this new cool feature you can see, for example, the number of visitors from France who used a specific keyword at to find your website. In general, now you are able to use a combination of different reports. This is like filtering, but more convenient to use. Moreover, after that you are still able to drill down these filtered reports to see the list of the visitors matching your criteria. Drill down between each other Referring Pages, Keywords, Search Engines, Entry Pages and Countries.

4. New cool user interface, new public website, better usability. While becoming even more advanced web-analytics solution, Logdy is still user friendly and easy to use.

5. New reports. Logdy 2.0 contains new reports for you to know your visitors better. For instance: Overview, Search Engines/Keywords, All sources, Timezones.

6. Even better search engines support. Logdy 2.0 detects keywords you visitors use to find your website even better!

7. FREE plan added. New approach to plans. Logdy 2.0 has a FREE plan, suitable for not-yet popular websites and blogs. Also our plans now per-user (instead of per-site), which is more convenient. With our new paid plans we aren't trying to be the cheapest web analytics available, but we want to bring our users the best price/quality ratio.

8. Other improvements. Attention to details. Existing user will find many great changes in Logdy - ability to switch plans, easier switching between statistics of different user's websites. But despite many improvements Logdy is still the easiest to use website analytics service.

We are very serious about the user interface. Logdy was designed to be simple and usable. Reinventing the wheel was not our goal, so users familiar with other web applications can start working with our service in minutes.

Logdy is fully web-based, meaning that you don't need to install anything to your PC and you are able to use Logdy from any PC connected to the Internet. Logdy has a number of plans to meet the needs of different users. Logdy has a FREE plan for website/blog owners working on a not-yet popular website/blog.

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