Logdy and search engines

Logdy vs competition: a large number of supported search engines

For many website owners the most important part of any web analytics is the part related to keywords and search engines. And in other web analytics solutions this part can't be satisfactory enough. Let's see why and how Logdy resolves this.

Search engines and keywords in any web analytics show the list of search engines (or keywords) using which your website is found by recent visitors. Web analytics services get this information from "referrer" string (the string browsers send to your website about the URL of the previous page of your visitor, in this case - the search engine results page). For different search engines the "referrer" is different and extraction of a keyword from the "referrer" can be difficult. The majority of web analytics services support only the most popular search engines. This can be a problem for users from many parts of the world where Google is dominant, but other search engines are still important.

For example, do you know how many search engines Google Analytics fully supports? 33 search engines at the moment! Looks good at the first sight, especially knowing that Google is the #1 search engine and all the rest has just a fraction of the big pie? That's just in theory. And if you take a particular country, Russia for example, you find that Google is #1, but has good competition from Yandex, Rambler, Mail.ru and Aport.ru. Each of these search engines is important for Russian website owners. How does Google Analytics help Russian website owners? Google Analytics supports Google and Yandex only! No Rambler, no Mail.ru, no Aport.ru. And the situation is similar for Google Analytics users from many other countries.

Logdy supports 69 search engines at the moment. Of course, none of the most important regional search engines is forgotten. Here's the full list: Google, Yahoo! Search, Live/MSN Search, Ask.com, AOL, AltaVista, Search.com, Lycos, AllTheWeb, Hotbot, Netscape, CNN, Baidu, Looksmart, Gigablast, Najdi, Wirtualna Polska, Onet, Netsprint, Interia, Szukacz, Yam, Mamma, Pchome, MySpace Search, Yandex, Rambler, Mail.ru, Terra, Tiscali, Bigmir.net, Meta.ua, 1klik, a9, Abacho, Alexa, Aport.ru, Atlas.cz, BBC, Bluewin, Centrum, DMOZ, Dogpile, Eniro, Euroseek, Excite, Fireball, Ihmemaa, ilse, InfoSpace, i-une, ixquick, jyxo, Kvasir, Meta Miner, Ofir, Search.ch, Seznam, Start.no, TDC Online, T-Online, Virgilio/Alice, Voila, Web.de, WebCrawler, WebFetch, Zoohoo.

If you need even more, just let us know the search engine you need. And we'll do the rest.

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